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Mens Yoga Short Sleeve Shirt in Black
Mens Yoga Black Short Sleeve Shirt

Short Sleeve Shirt

$60.00 $35.00

No, it’s not a tank – it’s a sleeveless top. A bit more coverage for those of you doing hot yoga or work in the dojo, or perhaps it’s just to show off those muscles a bit more.


Product Description

Our best seller, our favorite piece of clothing, our iconic look. This short sleeved shirt looks amazing in the gym or in the boardroom, and we’ve tested it out in both these situations to make sure. It’s one of those shirts that everyone wants to touch – “What’s it made of?” they ask – and when we tell them it’s a bamboo spandex blend, folks balk a bit.

“Oh, that stuff tends to shrink”.

“Nope, not Mens Yoga gear, the fabric was pre-shrunk before it was sewn into the perfection you see here”.

“No, really?” They comment, all the while stroking the shirt. Appropriately, of course!

This shirt drapes and clings in the right places, cut for a V-style body (larger shoulders and tapered waist). Bodybuilders LOVE this shirt, as do hot yoga fans as it wicks away moisture and stank effortlessly. That also means, if you don’t have time to shower after your workout, you can safely throw a blazer, button up or hoodie over it, and look spot-on. Or, go straight to the club and just watch how many women want to touch you.

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